Tim O’Brien Twist & Shout on Friday, June 2nd At 12pm

Tim O’Brien’s set to celebrate the release of Where The River Meets The Road was a mix of tunes by West Virginia composers and some originals. These songs from his home state are an integral part of his musical journey. He also shared a lot of historical perspective between songs. The songs were heartfelt and the performance strong. I felt very emotional during "Guardian Angel," a Tim O’Brien original about the loss of an elder sister. Like so many songs from the West Virginia mountains, it is filled with sadness and beauty. Jan Fabricius sang the harmonies, and the two voices were so lovely together. It was fascinating to listen to Tim talk about this part of American musical history and culture. The progress of moving from to Colorado as a young man is also interesting to me, moving from a region known for folk music, then forging his own legacy here in the early Colorado folk scene. These kinds of events are always powerful because of impact they have on fans. It was the warm crowd of music lovers that made the whole night feel so fun.