New Releases on DVD/Blu-Ray for Week Of 9/26

Music/Stand-up comedy:

Dio – Dreamers Never Die

George Harrison – A Beatle in Benton, Illinois


Adventure Time: Complete Series – TV Show

Sisters With Transistors – documentary

Blu-Ray releases:

Amazon Jail 1 & 2 (Vinegar Syndrome release) – movie

David Bowie – Moonage Daydream (Criterion Collection directed by Brett Morgen) – movie

Dio – Dreamers Never Die

Dracula and Son – movie

The Doom Generation (director’s cut) – movie

Guest House Paradiso (Vinegar Syndrome release) – movie

La Bamba (Criterion Collection directed by Luis Valdez) – movie

Lonely Castle In the Mirror – animation

Sympathy for the Devil – movie

UHD releases:

A Blade in the Dark (Vinegar Syndrome release directed by Lamberto Bava) – movie

David Bowie – Moonage Daydream (Criterion Collection 4K UHD/Blu-Ray combo directed by Brett Morgen) – movie

Carlito’s Way (Arrow Films limited ed. UHD/Blu-ray combo package directed by Brian DePalma) – movie

The Fifth Element – movie

Halloween: H20 – movie

Killer Condom – movie

My Bloody Valentine (1981)(Shout Factory Collector’s edition) – movie

Natural Born Killers (Shout Factory Collector’s edition) – movie

Tenebrae (Synapse Films release directed by Dario Argento) – movie

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot – movie

The Train (1964) – movie