About Us

Twist and Shout began in 1988. Paul Epstein and Jill Parrish, two high school English teachers, were taking a walk through their West Washington Park neighborhood when they approached what had been Paul’s favorite record store since moving to Denver in 1968. As they approached, they noticed a sign on the door: SEIZED: Tax Auction. In a moment of serendipitous clarity, Paul and Jill knew where their future lay – a 3,000 square foot record store on South Pearl Street. Twist and Shout, now 11,000 square feet in the heart of Denver’s Congress Park neighborhood, a stone’s throw from The Fillmore, Bluebird, Ogden, Lion’s Lair, Goosetown and many other venues, finds itself at the crossroads of the past and future.

Flash forward to 2022. The worldwide pandemic is winding down, Twist has survived in good condition, and Paul and Jill made the decision to retire and sell the business to longtime general manager Patrick Brown, who began his Twist career in 1992 – the only staffer left who worked at the Pearl Street store, and every other Twist location in the history of the store. Patrick has been through every change and iteration of the store and is proud to be carrying on the traditions of one of Denver’s most hallowed institutions.

By consistently sticking to Epstein’s mantra of “service, selection and ambiance,” Twist and Shout has persevered and thrived, now considered one of the top music destinations in the country. With mind-boggling selections of LPs, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and every lifestyle tchotchke you can think of, Twist and Shout is a must-see destination for locals, tourists, and of course visiting rock stars. Hosting scores of live performances and signings in the store, fans have seen everyone from legends like Elvis Costello, John Cale, Suzanne Vega and Patti Smith to new generations of stars such as Atmosphere, Tegan & Sara, Mumford & Sons, and Waterparks. Seeing a band perform or attending a signing at Twist has become an essential rite of passage for Denver’s once and future rockers.

Twist and Shout started as a vinyl store, morphed into a CD store and has now come full circle with vinyl leading the way again. Thanks to over three decades of expertise in vinyl, Twist and Shout remains one of the best places in the country to find rare, out of print, and import items. After five locations, thousands of employees, millions of customers and more great songs than can be counted, Twist and Shout continues to serve music lovers of Colorado and the world.