The Latest Additions to our Bookshelf

To Anyone Who Ever Asks: The Life, Music, and Mystery of Connie Converse by Howard Fishman - $21.95

Everything Keeps Dissolving: Conversations With Coil by Nick Soulsby - $29.95

Why Sinead O'Connor Matters by Allyson McCabe - $24.95

Why Tammy Wynette Matters by Steacy Easton - $23.95

Easily Slip Into Another World: A Life in Music by Henry Threadgill - $32.50

Leonard Cohen: Everybody Knows, Inside His Archive edited by Julian Cox and Jim Shedden - $39.95

Don't Call It Hair Metal: Art in the Excess of '80s Rock by Sean Kelly - $21.95

Who Cares Anyway: Post-Punk San Francisco and the End of the Analog Age by Will York - $31.95

Deliver Me From Nowhere: The Making of Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska by Warren Zanes - $28.00

Act Naturally: The Beatles on Film by Steve Matteo - $24.95

Gabba Gabba Hey!: A Conversation With The Ramones by Carl Cafarelli - $25.00

Into the Groove: The Story of Sound from Tin Foil to Vinyl by Jonathan Scott - $28.00