Friday, November 24th at 10AM

This year's RSD Black Friday will take place on Friday November 24th at 10AM! This year's list features nearly 200 unique titles and right now is a good time to start making your own list, which you can do by clicking HERE! The following rules will apply through the weekend of the 24th:

1. There are no pre-orders or holds on RSD Black Friday titles for the weekend of Black Friday for anyone, for any length of time, for any reason. You must be in-store to purchase these items.

2. We cannot answer any questions about stock quantities or pricing over the phone or via the internet — you must come to the store to see what we have and what the prices are.

3. Customers are limited to one copy each of any RSD Black Friday piece during the Black Friday weekend. You may buy as many different titles as you wish, but only one copy of each for that weekend.