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Hey all –

Another January week is upon us, and like most folks you talk to regularly, we don't have a lot of new stuff to report. We're open regular hours (including this coming Monday the 18th for Martin Luther King Day), and though it's still a mellow time for new releases, we've been seeing a lot of used stuff coming in, so be sure to check the new arrivals bins for lots of good finds on vinyl and CD. And if you're interested in selling your LPs, CDs, or Blu-rays (sorry, we're currently not buying any DVDs), please give us a ring at 303-722-1943 to set up an appointment to sell! You can also keep up to date on what our current policies and restrictions around Covid-19 are by clicking HERE. We will update this regularly as the shape of the pandemic - and the national, state, and local responses to it - changes. We'll keep the link in every newsletter, but if you ever need to check what our current policies are, this will always have the most up to date info. And as our typical Colorado winter weather fluctuates all over the place, folks who have to wait in line to get in when we're at capacity will be able to enjoy the new heaters we've installed outside to take the edge off of the cold.

And though there aren't a ton of new releases out this week – you can click the link below to see a few of the biggest releases of the week – there are a small handful of LP reissues worth noting. Billie Joe and Norah (Armstrong and Jones, respectively) released their Everly Brothers tribute Foreverly several years ago, but the vinyl has been out of print until this brand new reissue (on orange vinyl); three classic albums by the Doves (Last Broadcast, Lost Souls, and Some Cities) are getting reissued today; and last but not least, Blue Note is doing LP reissues of a pair of classic 60s titles - Wayne Shorter's Speak No Evil and Horace Silver's Song For My Father. Over in DVD and Blu-ray, a couple extremes of foreign cinema are represented in blu-ray releases this week – Hungarian “slow cinema” director Bela Tarr's 7 ½ hour masterpiece Satantango is seeing its first Blu-ray issue ever, and at the other end of the tempo spectrum, Gareth Evans' pair of pulse-pounding Indonesian action thrillers The Raid: Redemption and The Raid 2 are being packaged as mid-priced two-fer – just over 20 bucks for two action classics is a deal (and you can watch them both and then go for dinner and drinks and still be back before your friend who's watching Satantango is done watching that film). There are always a few smaller releases above and beyond those, but these are the ones that caught my eye the most.

And though things are still pretty tight in the social world and we can't get out to do things the way we'd like to without a pandemic, our pal Theresa Mercado continues to work out her Scream Screen programming digitally. For $15, you can help yourself to the double feature: All You Can Eat, about which she says this: “If your eyes are bigger than your stomach, let this decadent secret food-themed horror double feature feed your hunger and quench your thirst. Indulge in blood, meat and sexual inhibitions!” There's a fancy cocktail recipe, and with her unerringly twisted tastes, it's sure to be entertaining. You can read the details and buy your tickets HERE! You can also read an interview with her in Akron, Ohio's Blank Slate Elyira online mag HERE for even more details (and to get more of a sense of just how unique what she's doing is)!

And here's another quick reminder about gift cards – we have two types of gift cards: those that can be used in the store and those that are for use only on our website. Web gift cards can be purchased on our website HERE and in-store gift cards can be purchased either in person here at Twist or online HERE. Please remember that in-store gift cards cannot be redeemed for purchases on the website and online gift cards cannot be redeemed in the store. Feel free to call the store with any questions about this!

Hope you're all doing well and staying safe and healthy!


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