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Hey all —

Not a ton of news this week. As vaccinations start to really ramp up, we're working to get our staff vaccinated as soon as possible for everyone's health and safety and hope you're getting your appointments in place as well. When the legal rules begin to change, we will reassess our policies, but for now things remain the same. You can keep up to date on what our Covid-19 policies and restrictions are by clicking HERE. We will update this regularly as the shape of the pandemic – and the national, state, and local responses to it – changes, and this page will always have the most up to date info.

And as always, it's worth noting that Record Store Day will be split again this year into two Record Store Day Drops – the original date on Saturday June 12th 2021 and a second one on July 17th 2021. Details of how we'll do things have yet to be determined since things are likely to have shifted quite a bit in public life between now and then, but we wanted to make sure you have plenty of advance notice to mark the days off on your calendars for these events! Regardless of the status of the pandemic and rules for occupancy, there will be two dates, so plan accordingly.

As always, there are some bigger new releases that you can check out by clicking the link below, but here are a handful of reissues and smaller releases in the store (or slated to arrive today) that caught my eye: the Beat Farmers' long out of print 1984 album Tales of the New West has reappeared on a deluxe 2CD set; Houston rapper Devin the Dude's latest album Soulful Distance is out on CD (LP is slated for a July release); English post-punk band Dry Cleaning's debut full-length album New Long Leg is out on CD and Indie exclusive colored vinyl LP; three latter-day Eagles albums – Eagles Live, Long Road Out of Eden, and The Millennium Concert - are now on LP; the collaborative album Promises between Floating Points and jazz sax legend Pharoah Sanders is out on CD (LP release has been pushed back to 4/16); Glitch Mob's new album Drink the Sea has arrived on LP (CD is still on the way so check back if you need one, or we can take your info and call you when they arrive); Daniel Lanois' latest album Heavy Sun is out on CD (no LP release date set); and last and largest, the box set by legendary Athens, GA band Pylon that appeared on LP last year is now out on CD, containing their first two classic albums, plus a disc of singles and rarities and another of demos.

Over in DVD and Blu-ray this week there's a lot out, but we've got a few goodies to focus on and bring to your attention: the classic 1976 comedy The Bad News Bears sees its first-ever release on Blu-ray just in time for opening day; the Criterion Collection has released Albert Brooks' after-life comedy/romance Defending Your Life on both DVD and Blu-ray; and also from Criterion we have the high-water mark of Mike Leigh's family dramas, the 1996 Palme d'Or winner, Secrets & Lies, also out on both DVD and Blu-ray. As always, there are many more releases above and beyond these, but these are the ones that caught my eye the most.

Hope you're all doing well and staying safe and healthy!


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