Pete Yorn at Twist & Shout on Wednesday, April 6th at 6pm

Pete Yorn played a half hour set at Twist and Shout Wednesday, April 6th. The crowd was a wonderful mix of babies, kids, couples, single folks, young people, and older people, which shows the span of Pete Yorn’s appeal. The last time he performed at Twist and Shout was back in 2006, right before we moved to this Colfax location. He was so nice to staff back then, I always thought of him as a super nice guy, so I was really looking forward to his return! We sold a lot of copies his new album Arrangingtime, and fans were able to get some good one on one time with him in the autograph line. His gentle nature really evokes some deep emotions in fans. I saw a few people blushing and teary as they left the meet & greet because he was so kind and relaxed that people felt a connection with him. Pete Yorn performed a half hour set that was very personal and he took requests which thrilled his fans. There were some really funny moments of banter and chit-chat with the audience. It was a rare performance where the artist did not have to be whisked off to the venue for the full set, so Pete Yorn was able to have some time to answer questions, make jokes; he even did a Morrissey cover!