Paper Bird at Twist & Shout on Thursday, September 8th at 6pm

Last night we hosted an in-store event with Paper Bird. These musicians have been a part of our vibrant Denver music scene for a decade and Twist and Shout has been there for the entire ride, from their first release; Anything Nameless and Joymaking, to their new self-titled album. We have always loved their sound, and this new album highlights our favorite qualities. The three singers each have a unique beautiful voice, and they meld so well together. The guitar playing is crisp and the tone is just joy to the ears. Each member is a pleasure to watch and we expect great things for them with this new release. The crowd was huge, and filled with excited Colorado music fans supporting the success of this beloved group. From the strong presence of local musicians to family and friends, the whole Denver community has long championed Paper Bird. I recommend you discover this beautiful music for yourself.


Photos by Natja Soave