John Doe at Twist & Shout on Friday, July 8th at 6pm

We had the pleasure of hosting an in-store with John Doe on Friday July 8th 2016. This was a very special event for us, because so many people that work here are super fans. Many of us grew up listening to the 80’s L.A. punk band X, and co-founder John Doe was a legendary contributor to that whole era. Doe is also an accomplished solo artist that has put out work covering a wide breadth of styles. In his current incarnation, he transports the listener to the dusty West. There is forlorn wonder and beauty to the lyrics, plus a bluesy influence to this Americana sound. He brought Cindy Wasserman to support on vocals, she added not only feminine grace but the sweetest smile that brightened the room. John Doe was both charming and funny the entire evening. There were times when he was so witty it made me stay on my toes for the next quip. The crew needed this night after the heartbreaking week in the news – this was a break in the storm. I found myself reflecting on how much these type of events are important to any community. Sometimes the only solace comes from joining together with people to celebrate art, music and something greater. The fact the John Doe is such a caring and loving person brought us all together a little bit more. At the end of the signing for example, he spoke about the artwork that inspired the cover of Westerner. The artist, Shepard Fairey, was inspired by a series by photographer Aaron Huey that calls attention to the Pine Ridge Reservation. This may seem small, but in the grand sense of things there is nothing greater than taking a minute to reflect on what is really important and sacred.

-Natasha Alexander