Ian Cooke at Twist & Shout on Wednesday, September 30th at 6pm

This week we hosted an in-store performance with local artist Ian Cooke and his amazing band. It was a slightly longer set to celebrate the release of Antiquasauria, an ambitious concept album. We had a great crowd of music lovers to help make this a festive occasion. Ian Cooke has always been known for doing his own artwork and clever package design. This time he outdid himself by creating an album, DVD and coloring book dedicated to the wonders of dinosaurs. We journeyed through time, following the progression of different prehistoric creatures; it was not only educational but poetic and fun. The coloring book has great images for all ages and well as the lyrics in a font created by Ian. Their record label Greater Than Collective provided a keg of beer donated by Ratio Beerworks, so this gave our crowd a little extra cheer. I have been a big fan of Ian Cooke’s cello-meets-indie rock style for many years now, and he just gets better with each release. He combines the masterful playing of a beautiful string instrument with complex melodies and superb vocals. One fan referred to it as math rock about dinosaurs. It was a joy to call this a day at work. Please check out a live set with Ian Cooke, it is a rich experience.