Garbage Signing Twist & Shout on Sunday, July 16th At 12pm

Twist and Shout had the honor of hosting a book signing with Garbage on Sunday, July 16th. We had a giant crowd of Garbage fans, and everyone was such a delight to interact with. Many fans rocked old school Garbage t-shirts, some brought little gifts, notes, flowers and fan art. It was a powerful experience for fans that have admired them for decades. Many fans have followed Garbage since their teen years, and grew up listening to their music. The coffee book "This Is The Noise That Keeps Me Awake" is filled with beautiful photos, and one of the pages had an example of fan art – and by chance the person that made the origami art on that page was at our signing! We were all so excited to have Shirley Manson, Duke Erikson, Butch Vig and Steve Marker here! Each one of them was truly gracious, kind and funny. They had such compassion for the fans that had intense feelings and very personal stories to share. A few fans had little dogs, and you could see how much Shirley Manson loves dogs when her face would light up with delight. The band was also super thoughtful of folks with babies and kids. Everyone got a special moment, and some fans got a little quote that they posted on their socials, like "Shirley called us HOT" or "Shirley liked my haircut," they will treasure those words forever. It is a true honor to work with such an amazing group of stars. For them to remain humble and loving to their fans sets the standard of how we should all behave. Kindness rules supreme!

– Natasha

Natasha Alexander