Esme Patterson at Twist & Shout on Friday, June 10th at 6pm

Last week we hosted an in-store performance with Esme Patterson. Her new album We Were Wild is a collection of powerful songs sung in the most angelic sweet voice. Each song has a unique depth of poetry, and her story telling skills are mesmerizing. Her band added so much richness to her singing and guitar style. She shines so bright on this new record, which may be her best album yet. The colored vinyl release is a brilliant red she based on her lipstick color. It shows the whimsy and charm that lies within those songs. We had a nice big crowd, mostly new fans that have recently discovered her talents, though there were a number of musicians from the local music scene, who have been supportive of Esme’s journey from the band Paper Bird, through her solo career. The Denver music community is like a family at times, and we all take pride in watching one of our own soar. She has recently taken residence in Portland, Oregon but she will forever be a Colorado girl to us. Please check out her full set this Saturday at the Larimer Lounge, and any future tour dates in your town, this is an artist not to be missed.

Natasha Alexander