David Gans Live At Twist & Shout On Monday, February 12, 2018

On February 12th, Twist & Shout hosted an in-store performance, with musician, songwriter, and music journalist David Gans. It was an unusually cold day for Colorado, just a brisk 19 degrees, but we had a great crowd of Deadheads here to make it a special evening. Gans played a mix of Grateful Dead standards, like “Box Of Rain” and “Terrapin Station,” plus some of his original compositions. His intricate guitar picking was enhanced by his array of looping pedals, which gave his acoustic guitar set much more depth than the average solo artist. By layering chords and grooves under the melody, he was able to add a psychedelic feel to each song. He was so kind to his fans, and as a traveling musician he offered fans the new album Drop The Bone, as well as It’s A Hand-Me Down, and The Ones That Look The Weirdest Taste The Best. We had such an enjoyable night, we look forward to Gans’ next project!